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The Maxx Welcomes New Era with Vocalist Genesis Thomas

ATLANTA, December 2, 2023

After an extensive two-year audition process, The Maxx is excited to announce the newest addition to their lineup, vocalist Genesis Thomas. Genesis will be taking over the reins from the beloved Rainy Middleton, who has been an incredible and cherished member of The Maxx for an impressive 15 years.

Farewell to Rainy Middleton:

Rainy Middleton, with her mesmerizing vocals and unwavering dedication, has been an integral part of The Maxx's journey for over a decade. Her departure marks the end of an era, and The Maxx acknowledges and expresses deep gratitude for Rainy's immense contributions to the band's success. Rainy has decided to pursue a new career path, and while her presence will be greatly missed, The Maxx wishes her all the best in her new endeavors.

Excitement for New Beginnings:

With change comes new opportunities, and The Maxx is thrilled to welcome Genesis Thomas into the family. Genesis brings a fresh perspective, extraordinary talent, and a dynamic energy that aligns seamlessly with The Maxx's commitment to delivering captivating performances.


Quotes from The Maxx:

  • "Rainy Middleton has been an incredible force within The Maxx for 15 years. Her talent, dedication, and passion for music have left an indelible mark on our journey. While we bid farewell to Rainy with a heavy heart, we wish her nothing but success and happiness in her new venture." – Rod Whittaker

  • "We are entering a new chapter with Genesis Thomas, and we couldn't be more excited. Genesis brings a unique and powerful voice to The Maxx, and we believe she will contribute to our musical evolution. We're looking forward to creating magic together and writing the next chapter of The Maxx's story." – Leroy ‘Roc’ Lovelace


Connect with Genesis Thomas:


Fans and the media are encouraged to connect with Genesis Thomas on social media and follow her journey with The Maxx. Genesis is eager to share her passion for music and is looking forward to the upcoming performances with the band.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Rod Whittaker -  – Ph. 770-895-3760

About The Maxx:


The Maxx is a dynamic musical group known for captivating performances across genres. With a rich history and a commitment to musical excellence, The Maxx is embarking on a new chapter with vocalist Genesis Thomas, promising exciting and memorable experiences for their fans.

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