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The Maxx Customer Reference Spotlight

Exchange Club of Charleston

Kelly Stephens

Event: Stephens Reception
Location: Inn at Palmetto Bluff



I’ve been trying to find the right words to express our love and gratitude towards The Maxx. Finally, I’ve concluded there are no words to adequately express how incredible they were! I could use every single adjective and it wouldn’t come close to describing what an amazing job they did and how obsessed every single guest was with them. They completely made the night and the entire wedding! They were the highlight of it all! They truly rocked the house down! I always said I wanted a band that could entertain the younger crowd all the while getting my grandparents (who are quite conservative) up and dancing – The Maxx certainly accomplished this! My grandfather kept saying, “this band is spectacular… where did you find them?!” I didn’t know they could or would dance, but let me assure you, they were having a BLAST! From the first song the band played until the night ended no one set down nor did they want to! They were so flexible with the timing and adjusting of schedules and played the entire time w/o taking a break. No one wanted them to stop or the night to end.

My only song request was “Proud Mary” and they did Tina Turner proud. Their energy and excitement was contagious! We wanted to have them play again the following night and then every night after. Every single member of the band was so warm, fun, nice & accommodating. They were worth every dime and if I’m ever lucky enough to have another event that would warrant music, The Maxx would be my first choice! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Please let them know how much we truly loved them as individuals and how truly talented they are as a band. It was better than any concert I’ve ever been to. Again, if you had enough time I could go on for hours about our wonderful experience, but as I said, finding the perfect words for them is impossible. Needless to say, people are still coming up to me saying – BEST BAND EVER!

It was such a wonderful experience working with you and them and I thank y’all from the bottom on my heart!

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