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The Maxx Customer Reference Spotlight

Exchange Club of Charleston

Beth Cuthbert

Event: Cuthbert Reception
Location: Country Club Of Virginia



The Maxx was stupendous. We couldn’t have asked for more. The dance floor was filled the entire three hours plus that the band played. There were no lulls except for the intermission – and even during that time period the floor was filled with salsa dancers. Nina’s father (who is from Venezuela) had brought his Ipod filled with salsa music which the band agreed to put on its sound system during the break so the music continued to flow even then. The Maxx interacted with the guests on a number of occasions doing sets that involved active audience participation by guests on the dance floor. Richard and Nina danced a time or two on stage. At least two other guests went on stage and sung along on microphone. Nina sang on stage as well; I’m not sure she ever left the dance floor!. It was all very collaborative which made it all the more fun. The Maxx sang at least one encore which was much appreciated. The only bad thing all night was that, as always, the party had to end. I think Richard and Nina’s young friends could have kept going another hour or two. Tony was very easy to work with and very responsive to all our questions. I would not hesitate to recommend this band for any event that a large number of young people plan to attend. It is probably not a band for the over 50 set who like slow dancing and less amplified sound, but that was not the party we were having. Personally, even at my age, I loved all the music they played, and my son-in-law’s mother (who is exactly my age) said she wished she could come out next weekend and hear them again! Nina and Richard are not leaving for their honeymoon until the end of May so feel free to give them a call anytime. You can certainly feel free to telephone me if there is anything further I can tell you. The 23rd, I’ll be home in the morning between 9:00 and 10:30 am and the same on Friday. I’d also be happy to talk to anyone who is considering hiring The Maxx and wants to know more about them.

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