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Not Just Another Wedding Band

People are amazed after experiencing The Maxx at a social function. Their response is usually. “the best band I ever heard at a wedding reception.” That’s because The Maxx is not just another wedding band. In fact they are not a wedding band at all.

Throughout their illustrious career, they have performed for millions, while traveling throughout North America to Asia to the Carribean; and performing for all types of events

It wasn’t until 9/11, that The Maxx once again, re-invented themselves, and soon became a dominant force in the social market. After 9/11 the corporate market all but dwindled, due to people’s fear of travel, then the recession hit. The recession severely crippled all markets, but one.

The social market was inversely affected. 9/11 put everyone in touch with their mortality. Weddings increased. The more wedding receptions The Maxx performed, the more popular they became. So really you’re getting the best of both worlds; a hip party band for the new music, and a sophisticated-classy band for the classic oldies, and everything in between. Not just another wedding band.


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