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So You Wanna Decide The Band’s Playlist?

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On rare occasions, a buyer will want to determine the band’s playlist for the evening. Undoubtedly, the thought process is as follows: “It’s my party and in order for me to have the best time, the band needs to play only songs that I like.” While having a few songs on a do not play list is fine, and requesting some songs off of the band’s song list is also fine, the best way to ruin your event is to micro manage the entire list.

In essence the band is relegated to being a glorified DJ. I’m sure even a DJ would have problems with this and here is why. Entertainers base their song selections on criteria such as genre, tempo, popularity, age appeal, volume, etc. Often times the set is arranged whereby one song segues into another. Well if we’re not allowed to play the next song, we have to stop and then start another song that is on the list. Our goal is to keep people dancing. It breaks the momentum, and interrupts the flow of the performance when we have to pick and choose songs in this manner. Although song selection is important, there are so many other factors involved in a band making your event a success.

Bottom line is, you should feel free to set certain parameters, however, the more songs you add to a do not play or play list, the more difficult it is for the performer to establish continuity in the show. Besides you may want to keep your guest in mind. They may like many of the do not play songs. Often times the guest will request a song on the do not play list, and we tell them that we’re not allowed to play that song tonight. You chose the band for a reason. Let us do what we do best. The Maxx performs over 150 dates a year. Trust us, we got you. I’m just saying…

Photographer Down!

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Often times photographers can get a better view of the dance floor by coming on stage while the band is performing. This is usually not a problem for us, that is not until it’s done to the point of being a distraction.

Some photographers ask for permission to come on stage, while some take it upon themselves to do so. One particularly aggressive photographer was taking it upon himself to do whatever he deemed necessary to get the shot. We gave him several warnings that we do a lot of choreography, and that he should ask before coming on stage. My mother use to say, ” a hard head, makes a soft ass”. I believe that’s self explanatory. Well, he did it again. He found what he thought was a clear spot, which was clear at the time, but he didn’t know what was coming in about 10 seconds. I knew what was coming and saw him standing there, but I was singing. There was nothing I could do. In this particular choreography sequence, the horns are facing one direction, and moving in another, which meant they couldn’t see him. And here it comes….wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, BAMMM! Photographer down!!

Funny thing is, the horns didn’t miss a beat. Meanwhile the photographer is trying to gather himself. Good thing is, the camera never hit the ground. And the moral of the story is, make sure it’s okay to come on stage.

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